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Do you remember as a kid wanting to check how tall you were to see how you have grown? From childhood we were imprinted with a growth mindset. But how do we cultivate spiritual growth? Do you want to grow spiritually? Is following Jesus worth it? What does it even look like to follow Jesus now and for a lifetime?

Come join us in Level 1 as we learn the way of the disciple and develop patterns that will help us continue to grow for a lifetime.

I remember having older brothers. As teenagers they ate a LOT. However, the food they consumed became the fuel for their continued health, energy, and growth. God’s word is the fuel that allows us to walk with God in healthy, vibrant ways as we continue to grow as disciples.

Come join us in Level 2 as we build in the spiritual rhythms we already have to dig deeper into God’s word.


Can you remember the first time someone invited you to Bible study? That invitation didn’t come “just because,” it was intentional. Someone else wanted you to meet Jesus or grow as a disciple of Jesus. As a leader, you are called to do the same thing, to invest in others as a disciple-maker.

Come join us in Level 3 gain skills and vision as a leader who is helping others grow.